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2019 Board of Trustees - Alabama Chapter

Annette Reburn, President

Executive Director
Alabama 811
Birmingham, AL

annette reburn

Sherry Kolodziejczak, Vice President

Director of Therapy Service at Crestwood
Therapy Services
Crestwood Medical Center
Huntsville, AL

sherry kolodziejczak

Jeffrey D. Brown, Treasurer

Certified Public Accountant
Henry & Brown, LLC
Huntsville, AL

jeff brown

Brian Wahl, Secretary

Bradley, LLP
Birmingham, AL

brian wahl

Kate Joyce

ALS Junior Board President

kate joyce


Board Members

Bryan Stone 

Retired - Living with ALS

Bryan Stone, a native Alabamian, was diagnosed with ALS in October of 2016. Though the disease hastened his retirement in December of 2016 from a career in Materials Management; ERP software implantation, Bryan refocused his energy on helping others with ALS. Bryan and his wife Debby have dedicated their time to serving the ALS community by participating in studies trials, speaking at various ALS civic functions and volunteering at the Crestwood ALSCertified Treatment Center of Excellence in Huntsville. Bryan currently serves as an ALS Research Ambassador for Alabama and is an ALS Advocate. A graduate of Jacksonville StateUniversity, Bryan has also served his community in church leadership, various civic organizations and was a Councilman for the Town of Grant. An avid outdoorsman, Bryan gave his sons an appreciation for hunting, fishing and coached their baseball teams. Bryan and Debby have 3 grown sons, 2 grandchildren and live near Lake Guntersville.

bryan stone

Bryan Bonds (Deceased)

Jill Benninghoff

Southern Lab Partners

Josh Morey 

WBRC Fox 6 News 

Melanie Barry


Advisory Board

Dr Jim McCarty
Immediate Past President

Stuart Obermann
President Emeritus

Jill Homan
Kara Manning